Speechcoach, Elayne Snyder has trained thousands of business men and women in the art of successful presentation skills. In 1978 she founded Elayne Snyder Speech Consultants, a New York City based training company, which creates and conducts communication seminars, programs and workshops for corporations and associations. A major part of the speechcoach’s schedule is devoted to private one-on-one speech coaching services working with individuals to help them write, polish and deliver exceptional presentations with confidence.

As a communications specialist, Elayne Snyder has designed courses of concern to the business and professional community: Speech Writing, Presentation Skills, Visual Aid Design & Delivery, Meeting Management, Media Preparation, Business Etiquette and Projecting a Professional Image.

Her background includes affiliations in manufacturing, marketing, banking, advertising and broadcasting. [She began her career as a disc jockey on the radio]. Elayne Snyder understands the communication demands of the business community and has addressed those concerns by developing customized corporate programs, as well as conducting public programs as a Senior Course Leader at the American Management Association and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Communications at New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Speechcoach Elayne Snyder is the author of two paperback books: "Persuasive Business Speaking", "Speak For Yourself - with Confidence", and most recently, two e-books "How To Write A Winning Speech" and "How To Deliver A Winning Speech". She is the voice and creator of the Random House audio tape: "The Persuasive Speaker".


Here is a list of the communications seminars I've been teaching all over the United States for over two decades. My clients include major corporations, the Federal Government, New York University, The New York Society of Security Analysts and the American Management Association.

Here are some of the Course/Seminar Titles:

  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Persuasive Business Presentations
  • Effective Executive Speaking
  • Managing Meetings
  • Briefing Techniques
  • Strategies for Effective Presentation
  • Projecting a Professional Image
  • Designing Visuals for Presentations

Perhaps we've met! If you think my name, Elayne Snyder, sounds familiar, or if you think you know my work … perhaps our paths have crossed in a classroom somewhere in the USA.


Here's what book buyers, private clients, university students, and seminar participants who have experienced Speechcoach Elayne Snyder's unique approach say:

  • Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful speech course. I'm sure you know that for many of us who take a course like this, it's about more than knowing a useful professional skill - it's also about growing as a person and overcoming fears. You provided the best possible environment for that, with lots of encouragement and constant gentle pressure. I was amazed at the results for everyone including myself. It was a big first step for me, and I'm glad this was the class I ended up taking.
    Student NYU
  • In a simple, direct way, Ms Snyder gives us the tools necessary to write a really good speech!! Loved it!!
    Judith F.
    Book Reader
  • I do not open my mouth in public speaking before going to see speechcoach, Elayne Snyder. If you don't have that luxury, then for heaven's sake, get her book.
    D. Roskies
    Attorney, New York City
  • Clone her!
    Nationwide Insurance Co.
  • Elayne is awesome.
  • I learned so many new ideas and came away with so many new tools for speaking. Thanks.
    Noville, Inc.
  • Enthusiastic, focused on achieving the objective of the program. Cares about her objective. Enjoyed.
    Ashland, Inc.
  • What a professional. She has extensive knowledge and delivered well.
    Bank of Tokyo
  • Elayne is a treasure - excellent instructor. I learned and improved.
    National Glass Association
  • I learned a lot from this seminar. Elayne Snyder is an excellent presenter.
  • Very useful program and very well taught.
    Lockheed Martin
  • Elayne was the best instructor I have encountered at a seminar or workshop throughout my professional career. Bravo!
    Heller Financial Inc.
  • Anyone who has to write a speech will find the help needed thanks to Snyder's easy to understand speech writing method. This small book will give you large returns.
    R. Hutner
    Book Reader
  • In this e-book, Elayne Snyder provides valuable tips on preparing an effective speech for groups both large and small. Ms. Snyder writes with clarity, and her material is fun to read and easy to digest. The book walks readers through the complete process of crafting a memorable speech including chapters focused on knowing your audience, selecting the right material, and organizing content. The examples provided are very helpful, and Ms. Snyder's material has given me confidence and inspired excitement as I prepare for an upcoming presentation for a group of government leaders!
    A. Greenspan
    Book Reader